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An epitome of what doom should sound like. - 96%

DoomAbyss, May 1st, 2012

As a fan of underground music, you usually keep on exploring for new bands, new releases, new quality. And once in a while it happens. You stumble across something worth it, something REALLY worth it.

I discovered Monads on this very website, Metal Archives. I saw the band popping up under the 'similar artists' tab with bands I really enjoy, like Esoteric, Evoken and Mournful Congregation. I'd seen the name before and when I saw it again, it made me curious. I checked out the band's facebook page and listened to the two songs available for stream on that page. Though I immediately loved them, I wanted to hear the entire demo before passing judgement. So, after mailing the band and finding that their demo sold out after only 6 days (!), they offered the mp3's to me. After a couple of weeks of listening, I had to write down some words about this magnificent piece of art.

If I loved the two tracks on their facebook page, then the complete demo totally blew me away. It is overwhelming. It's hard for me to believe that a new band recording a first demo can deliver such a perfect result. Moreover, I don't understand why they called this a demo. This so called demo is better than what most doom bands dare to call their debut album, or even second, third album! So what does it offer? The demo starts off with a track called The Stars are Screaming. The beginning is slow and harsh, and takes a while to hit it off. I see why the band chose this as an opening song, as it slowly takes you deeper and deeper into the experience of this demo. Very slowly, it gets harsher into a heavy headbanging passage that reminds of classic doom. Then, the song completely drops into a clean passage, flowing into a wonderfully melancholic second half and ending of the song. In this first song of the demo, Monads show us what they're capable of in regard to putting emotions into music. This stuff totally drags you down.

Broken Gates to Nowhere starts with a simple yet heavy four chord riff, and over here the first thing to be noticed are the vocals. Other than the usual grunts in death/doom or blackish screams in funeral doom, this vocalist uses his voice to the extreme. I have a feeling this guy has a very versatile voice and can do almost everything with it. This also shows later in the demo, especially in the last song, where he goes from low grunts into waning-like desperate screams. In this song, though, the simple yet effective structure of the first half of the song shows his effect on the music, and what an effect that is. The vocalist is shut up for the second part of the song, which is more post-rock than doom metal. Yes, you're reading it correctly. Does this sound strange and out of place? No, it's something the band can pull off, and I have no idea how. It sounds perfect, the transition is perfect and the effect is once more: dragging you all the way down into an abyss of doom, drowning in your darkest emotions.

On to the shortest song on the demo, and my personal favorite. Within the Circle of Seraphs is what I'd call the epitome of doom with balls. Forget romantic death/doom, forget funeral doom with corpse painted band pictures, forget depressive black/doom. This is the shit. Doom should be emotional yet has to be able to knock you over with (passive) agression. This is it.

Furthermore on the demo, we have The Obsolete Presence, which once again shows some amazing non-conventional riffs and a great lead in the end. And to close, Absent as in These Veins is a little slower and a bit more melodic. Though really good, this song has one riff that I don't like much, which starts on 3'02 and gets repeated some time after. It's the only riff on the album that doesn't seem to fit. But, the ending of the song makes up for this in an epic way. Overall, the last song is my least favorite, but still cannot destroy this demo in any way. Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem is not perfect, but it's damn fucking close. Fans of Esoteric, Mournful Congregation, Evoken, Ahab, Loss: check this out and keep your eyes on this band. I expect great things from them in the future. Matter of fact: any doom fan should check this out, as this demo will probably be something better than most of your collection. I'm not overreacting, I really don't think I am. These guys are master in the emotions they translate into their music. I can't emphasize this enough.

I hope this gem will be re-released on CD and hopefully on vinyl as well, as this would really do the sound justice. So, all those labels out there pretending to offer new bands a chance, contact these guys. You won't regret it. Recommended, recommended, recommended. Fucking recommended.