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Belgium as now a Doom representent - 95%

Deha, December 27th, 2011

Monads. Took their name from the awesome band MOURNFUL CONGREGATION’s album “The Monad of Creation”, so you know what to expect: DOOM. But what doom? Monads is Funeral. Monads is Death. Monads is Doom. But Monads is also melodic in some parts. And it is, from afar, THE doom album (though it’s a demo) of 2011. Beyond the last Mournful Congregation or the last Comatose Vigil releases, yes.

Five tracks and more than 50minutes of primal old school funeral doom. Starting with “The Stars are Screaming”, we’re already drowned in those slow tempos and death growls, but Monads varies its music with faster tempos from time to time with all the variations you need on the vocals & drums so as not to be boring. You’ve gotta notice the “second” part of this track, which is simply the most melancholic, gut-ripping part to begin with. Melodies are coming slowly with clean guitars, whispered voices, and then it all happens; lights on, burning eyes, the stars are screaming, and you shiver. All. Your. Body. Shivers.

The other tracks aren’t below this one, either. Each one of them has its own story to tell. For example, “Broken Gates” is the most “old school”, try if I may say this, so the mood is really unique. And the last track contains two endings: a slight post-rock one and one old school extreme metal one (you know the old Goatlord albums where they mix black/thrash/death/doom at the same time? That’s like it). Just to know this.

Monads is now the Belgian doom black flame high in the sky.

/ D