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Not enough magic - 60%

autothrall, November 2nd, 2009

Here is a Ukrainian black metal band that I had not previously been aware of, though they've existed since 1996 and had quite a history (they broke up and reformed). Lake of Fire is only their 2nd full-length album, and they play a pretty simple style of melodic black which focuses more on quirky winding riffs and dual growl/snarl vocals.

There are six tracks on the album, and of the selection the title track would probably be my favorite. I liked the atmosphere of the song and its saddening lead riffs. The black metal vocals of the band can border on annoying, I think with a different approach that sounded less like Salacious Crumb, the vocals could be more effective over the music. Clearly the riffs are the star of the production throughout, though the bass is pretty good and audible and the drums have a nice organic feel to them, even if they are a little low.

The band notes on Encyclopedia Metallum claim that the name Molphar is a kind of magician or sorcerer in Carpathian folklore, but I'm not sure the band has enough magic tricks here to pull them from the middle of the pack. The music is alright, but the vocals are pretty weak and the result isn't an album I'm likely to revisit soon.