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Great album. Not terrible generic deathcore. - 95%

Dylbob, January 13th, 2013

To me this is an amazing album. The lyrics are top notch, the vocals are insane (Nick Arthur never disappoints), the drums in every song are creative and interesting not just double bass mash and *crash crash* breeaakkddoowwnn, and Richie Gomez on guitar always has a good mix-up between moderately technical and the good-old chuggalug breakdowns that we all know and love. To be honest I don't personally have a keen ear for bass and nothing necessarily stands out to me but it does not at all sound like bass was too quiet or too loud, every song still has that punch that Molotov Solution has always had. The album was mixed perfectly and I have yet to notice any flaw in that regard.

The primary thing I'd like to discuss about this album is the vocals. The lyrics to me are absolutely genius and it's not generic deathcore "death...death...hate...anger...raping girls...killing people." The lyrics have a lot of meaning about anti-fascism which are worded brilliantly and leave you to think about what you just heard/read and do it without also leaving you a bit confused. There isn't enough of this in the deathcore genre and I have generally given up looking the lyrics up in songs due to the fact that a majority of the time. When an acquaintance of mine recommended I give Molotov Solution a listen I figured it would be another half-decent "core" band that would get good exposure for 6 months then get drowned out like all of the other bands they've succeeded. Boy was I wrong. Nick Arthur hit ever high and every low that I could have ever hoped to hear on this album.

As a young vocalist I don't have the knowledge to pick apart any of the guitar/drums/bass but I can say that in comparison to a majority of the bands I listen to, this album was fantastically written. The only reason I haven't given this album 100% on the rating is because many could agree that a couple of the songs are very similar and it is my belief that it would be better for the listener if it could be changed up a bit.