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Moloch's Techno remix - 70%

hailmarduk666, May 21st, 2009

Here is an attempt to recreate a drum and bass style rendition of Humane Too Sheeps, which from my earlier review of said album, is a quintessential example of what a dark ambient/noise album should sound like. This is much different however, because the darkness is somewhat tainted by the up-beat drums. What saves this, is the dissonant crashing and metallic crunching that is so wonderfully evident on HTS, is still the primary catalyst here in this release.

Pr. Sergiy has been a very experimental soul throughout his tenure as mastermind of Moloch, and it is readily apparent, once again, that he has prowess in a multitude of different playing fields; ranging from depressive black metal, to what we see here: a drum and bass fusion dark ambient mix.

This is a release reminding me of something that Valefor would release, but better produced, and performed. This was just something that I didn't expect, but was pleasantly surprised about. Thankfully, the d&b sound in this album is very scratchy, and fits the overall theme of the album, which seems to me is chaos. The d&b keep the pace, but the industrial strength dissonance of the noise keeps swinging from harsh crashes and screeching to deep rumbling and thunder; seemingly tearing the listener in multiple directions, and doing an excellent job providing an overall atmosphere of confusion and despair. Once again, Moloch bends genres and keeps things interesting with a highly talented and original release.