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A Nietzschean night in the forest - 90%

Phosphorous, September 14th, 2009

Sculpted from deep depression and hate, Moloch has unleashed another gracious contribution to black metal with full-length, “Misanthropie ist der einzige Weg zur Reinheit.” The title means “Misanthropy is the Only Way to Purity,” which goes along with the themes of nature, misanthropy and dark, personal emotions that Moloch is known for. After forming in 2002, Moloch has released a countless back-catalogue of demos, splits and full-lengths, proving that this one-man band truly wants to infest the world with suicidal thoughts. Lending his hand to many projects and releases, Pr. Sergiy has crafted Moloch to embody the coldness and mystery of a forest at night, running wild with his inner demons.

After an instrumental and a quiet beginning of cavernous screams, an axe hits you in the back of the head as Pr. Sergiy releases his vocals to full extent on “Das ist in Vergessenheit Grenten”. Painful cries melt into a creeping atmosphere. Most of the tracks start with a large ambient passage and end with one, the black metal weaved into the middle, spacing in and out of melancholy and misanthropy. The next track, “Durch Schwarz silberne Hallen eines sterbendon Winters” has a different form, made up completely of extremely fuzzed guitars and fading vocals, almost like the music you’d hear in some crazed rave with blood-red lights flashing all over the room. There are some folk parts in this track and “Die Vergangenheit im Wechsel” to add a feeling of solitude, being alone and away from society.

For the most part, you’ll get your dose of black metal heroin, but you’ll also get a ton of intravenous atmosphere. Moloch bleeds nature, agression and depression and so many parts seem Burzum-ish; the instrumentals, sounding much like the album “Daudi Baldrs” and the rest, of pure black metal noise. A track like ““Meine heidnisch-spirituelle Reise durch die Walder der Gefallenen,” begins with a piano part, seemingly too gentle for this kind of music and is a welcome contrast. It ends in an aura of desperate screams and a thunderstorm, which sounds like Pr. Sergiy is metal, Ukrainian band Moloch will offer up some of the coldest music out there. You have to be able to not need constant blasting to enjoy this band, because the approach is not to fill your void with music, but to cause a void withidrowning in the heavy rainfall.

The only deterrence for anyone buying this album is if they can’t understand why so much ambient parts are needed to full capture the essence of Moloch, of Pr. Sergiy. “Mianthropie ist der einzige Weg zur Reinheit,” is so confusing, without a clear ending and beginning to songs. Mind you, this doesn’t arise from lack of skill, but from a Nietzschean perspective, in only allowing those worthy to understand, to be able to understand. This album shows Moloch much improved and is a demon worth conjuring on your own.

- Written for Tanin'iver Zine

A misanthropic monster of an album - 93%

hailmarduk666, June 2nd, 2009

The first thing that I notice about this album, is the vocals are much better done, not nearly as screeching as in, say, Trauer, and much improved. Once again Pr. Sergiy has done an excellent job of song writing. Although the lyrics are in Ukrainian, I can still catch the premise of the meanings just through the way it is sung. What really draws me to his music is the obvious care he puts into everything. His thoughts and feelings permeate this work extraordinarily well, and there is much the listener can draw on.

A well-diversified contrast in his long tracks keep the songs moving very nicely. They all start off with a softer ambient portion and 2 to 3 minutes in, it crescendos into straight up depressive style black metal. The listener gets a good grasp of how well Sergiy incorporates his atmosphere in his music, almost like a techno track (bad comparison I know), where there is the base, and it is added onto as the song progresses, where as the song nears climax, the complete composition is seen, and diminuendos back to the ambient section once the song nears conclusion. Going from very soft and melancholy, to spite and depressive anger, to being void of emotion and back into a hole of feeling, where the track concludes. Excellent and well done.

The guitars are nice and crunchy, somewhat over-exaggerated, but nonetheless effective. Usually, once the black metal kicks in from the ambient sections, it is very muddy, and distorted but cleans up nicely as the song carries on.

Drum wise, is a standard black/depressive black metal template, and is effective, and not too bombastic, but not too minimal either. It suits the music, and does not detract from it.

Vocally, Sergiy has improved drastically as I have said before. There is much more readily discernable feeling in the screams because there is not as much distortion and reverb as in some of his previous black metal pursuits. I enjoyed his performance quite a bit.

His use of ambient stretches are wonderful, which is nothing coming as a surprise to me. Hearing his previous works, I believe this is his best work; that being ambient, and synthesizer portions. His samples of thunderstorms and other such natural elements are very well placed and enhance overall mood and atmosphere quite well.

The added elements of acoustics are something that I wish to mention as well, showing yet another side of composition that makes Sergiy's Moloch an excellent, albeit relatively unknown powerhouse in the Ukrainian black metal scene.

Despite being overshadowed by more well-known acts such as Astrofaes, Nokturnal Mortum, and Drudkh, Sergiy's work does not go unnoticed, and with his utilization of so many different types of music in his project, there will come a time where his brilliance will come to light, pardon the pun.

Overall, it is a great album, and I was really glad that I ordered it. It has everything that I enjoy in music: that being depressive feel, excellent ambience and atmosphere, a lot of personal feeling in the music, and nothing that could be construed as pretentious. This is Sergiy pouring his heart out yet again through the airwaves.