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Moloch- Humane Too Sheeps - 100%

hailmarduk666, April 15th, 2009

This is a great little 2 song, 30 minute dark ambient album. There is a very thick atmosphere, which is made up of constantly reverberating feedback and dissonant notes on guitar. Both songs blend into one, and make an overall feeling of dread and combine for a soundtrack not to be listened to with the lights out.

Sergiy does an amazing job of layering guitar notes that are so distorted that they roll into the next, which combines for the underlying background atmosphere and on top of that, are very tinny, and thin-sounding distortion, possibly using a pedal to raise and lower the noise, like dopplar effect.

As he uses this technique, it seems to be replayed again, coupled with the droning bassline, to increase the atmosphere to a deafening din...and then fades out to begin again.

When I close my eyes and try to imagine myself in a place that this would be what I would hear all around me, I keep thinking of a zombie game, or movie, like Doom III, where I am hearing the clanging of machines and the groaning of old metal that has been neglected. This is probably one of the most dark albums I have heard in a long time, for the sake of the desolation that it creates in my mind. Not a living thing in sight, just the darkness, coldness of metal wet with the condensation of my sweat; as I walk through corridors of bleakness watching my back at every turn.

The epitome of DARK ambient.