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The first of many excellent works - 85%

hailmarduk666, April 28th, 2009

I am continually impressed with each release I listen to by Sergiy as to how diverse his work is. He can do some excellent dark ambient, and also some great raw black metal as well. I look forward to his work because he mixes it up well, and keeps it interesting, moving back and forth from one to the other, even in the same release.

The way this album is set up, is that there is an ambient portion used as an intro of sorts to the black metal song that follows. The exception to this is tracks 2 and 3 where track 2 is the original version of track 3; a remix. "Through halo of fire brands" is a very melodic black metal piece for as raw as production is. I was pleasantly surprised. The only part that detracts from this song is the vocals. They are very piercing and distorted and extremely loud in the mix, which detracts from the rest of the music. What is cool here, is that in track 3, we have the same song without the vocals, so if you missed something from the first version with lyrics, you can hear the whole track unadulterated by screaming. In the remix version of THOFB, the drums are really far back in the mix, but you can kind of hear where they should be because of the strumming rhythm, so there is not much detraction in that regard. After these two songs, a wonderful ambient piece that leads into "Birth in the depth of blackness", where there is a cacophony of bells, and foreboding synth, and blasts into a black metal track. Oddly, the music is much quieter than the rest of the album, and even the beginning of the song. Maybe it was just my version that I have, but it was very strange. The music is typical raw black metal, with the same screeching vocals, but the singing is further back in the mix and doesn't overpower anything. A dark ambient track rounds out this demo, and overall, it is quite well done.