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Moloch - Abstrakter Wald

Abstract...Abstract...Yeah... - 20%

contactsource, April 24th, 2014

Ukraine's Moloch has been churning out albums for about a decade, mixing ultra-raw black metal with soothing, plaintive synthesizers (sometimes both together). On this release, Moloch has elected to go with the latter: unfortunately, this is a terrible idea. The first five tracks are - somehow - part of some kind of synthetic family; each track presses forward (though let's not be too kind there) in a way that each track seems to be related. What really happens is that the songs sound nearly identical: sampled wind gusts, frozen atmospheres, the spectre of a bass every now and then. Not particularly riveting.

Moloch has his moments, just not here. But for a man with so many releases, who could be surprised? Over the years, Moloch has released dozens upon dozens of demos, EPs, splits, full-lengths - and so I'm clear, this isn't necessarily a BAD thing; in fact, many bands pull it off just fine. And sometimes Moloch does too. But on this record, the monotony is just too great. One feels isolated in a singular musical moment; there's nothing daring, courageous, or inventive about these songs. They all fall together in a lump.

It seems Moloch has decided that, rather than wait a few turns, he'll have just one more: no, he'll have all the turns. By all means necessary. What we have here is just another low-key entry into a discography that is already overstuffed with tripe and the most celebratory of jejune stuff. Avoid this album - he certainly has better things to offer, somewhere.