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A time to be frank... - 78%

spookymicha666, February 21st, 2021
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Independent

A short guitar intro invites the listener to lean back comfortably on the sofa at home. But the gloating laughter and the whirring noise (reminds me somehow of X-Files, when the aliens appear) foreshadows ominous things from the Brazilians MOFO. And - bingo - with the first song "Adrenaline" it starts. A cool Slayer worship riff and you're already interested in what happens next. The band combines old school thrash with varied melodies and pretty wacky guitar solos. It can go on like this. The tempo is not kept in the next songs so on continuous acceleration, but that does not harm the songs, because as I said, MOFO manage to keep the listener by very varied songwriting on "Sick and Insane". You can definitely recognize the band's musical influences (as already mentioned, quite obviously Slayer, but also Megadeth, old Vicious Rumors and newer bands like Warbringer might be sources of inspiration for the guys), but this is definitely not a "copy and paste" release.

On "Time for War" the former German Reich Minister of Propaganda Goebbels, is allowed to get a few words off his chest (my friend Felix 1666 already said a few words about this in his review), but I assume that the band and every listener who is not fluent in German knows what kind of fanatical bullshit this guy is spouting.

"Sick and Insane" is a pretty crass song, which drifts in parts of the vocals and the melody leadership already in death metal realms and also again clear Slayer influences can be recognized.

"Frank" (I refrain from any comment about people named Frank here...) is a song that slowly builds up its tension by increasing the tempo more and more. In addition, in the middle section is a guitar solo that is quite leaned on classical compositions, quite an interesting song that is well worth listening to (sorry Felix1666)!!!

The last track "Hate and Disgrace" is quite a neckbreaker, which like the opener again breaks through in fast tempo and makes the conclusion of the album quite worthy.

Production-wise there is not much to criticize in my eyes. You can hear all the instruments loud and clear, also the vocals sound powerful and aggressive. Perhaps the production is a touch too dull, but that is sound on a high level.

Are there any other points of criticism? Quite, because in my humble opinion the drums are sometimes played a bit too hectic and choppy and also the breaks sometimes still seem a bit too little thought out. But as the debut album of a young newcomer band, you can definitely take your hat off.