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Atmospheric black/deathish metal - 90%

Wailed, January 26th, 2019

I read a lot of reviews on Metal Archives. There are a lot of people with nuanced views of metal. They're able to explore the depths of the genre, comparing those results with the multitude of albums they've listened to before.

I just listen to the music that sounds good to me. Mo'ynoq's album Dreaming in a Dead Language just sounds good to me. They're labeled as "black metal" and, sure, they're black metal if you have a broad definition of the genre. And, really, we should have a definition that extends beyond what happened in 1992 Norway.

One aspect that I think stands out is the vocals. There is variety and you often can't say that about black/death metal. High pitched black metal vocals? Check. Low death metal growl? Check. Something that sounds like Demilich? Check. There are definitely bands that switch vocal styles, but there is something seamless about the way that Mo'ynoq does it.

The piano interludes are great too. They're not synthesizers that sound tacky. It's like a Beethoven piano interlude and it changes up the music really well. Specifically the song Doomed to Endure. It's just a great way to end that song. Then Carve My Name starts with the soft guitar. The transition between those songs is expertly done.

Black metal is a genre that generally appeals to me. I have a sense of what I like about it. It's the atmosphere. Some metal sounds mechanical. Good black metal doesn't. Atmosphere isn't necessarily cheap recording equipment, though I think that added to the atmosphere in the early days of black metal. Mo'ynoq has atmosphere. Sometime about the sound just envelopes you. I can't really explain it. I don't know if it's the songwriting, the musicians, or the production, but the sound of this recording is in a sweet spot for me.

I'm excited to see where Mo'ynoq will go next because their debut will definitely be on my constant replay. This is a great way to start 2019.