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A trip to the real morgue - 86%

Esteroth666, December 28th, 2012

These two death metal/goregrind bands decided to cover some of their most "known" and influential bands within the death metal and grindcore scene such as Six Feet Under, Impetigo, and Napalm Death and put it altogether making this interesting split CD. Although the music is not originally written by them, this still good.

Mixomatosis, a Spanish goregrind band that brings 12 tracks in this split, covering Impetigo, Napalm Death, Macabre, Blood, Carnal Diafragma, Audiorrea, Ruido de Rabia, El Kaso Urkijo, Gut, and Anal Cunt. Now there's something obvious here, these tracks weren't all recorded in the same exact year and there were a few line up changes. There are two cover versions of Audiorrea's "Requiem por un Campesino", a 1999 cover version and the other one was recorded in 2006.

The instrumentation is pretty decent and aside from the missing and inaudible bass in some tracks, there were no flaws whatsoever. There are a few tracks with an audible bass though, so it's not that bad. The guitars and the drums are very well executed despite the quality of some tracks. The vocals are like some type of tortured screech and in some parts they're mixed with growls. One thing that is almost always used in goregrind and by some death metal bands as well is the intro clips taken from horror movies; they're used in almost every track in this split by both bands. Another thing is that most songs are sang in spanish and the intros are in spanish as well.

Piel de Cadaver, a Mexican goregrind band with a few members from other countries that brings 8 tracks in this split covering Mortician, Impetigo, Machetazo, Tu Carne, Six Feet Under, Dead Infection, and Gut. Just like Mixomatosis, not all tracks were recorded in the same exact year but there's no difference in their quality. The drums, guitars, bass, and the vocals didn't seem to have different qualities; It's all audible and clean.

I really suggest you listen to this split and some other releases of each band if you're into death metal and goregrind. It deserves a honest rate of 8/10.

Originally written for: Piel de Cadaver