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Nothing But Absolute Chaos! - 90%

VladSkounic, December 25th, 2008

After hearing Mitochondrion's music from their Myspace page and seeing them live twice, I was persistent in finding a way to hear some of their better recordings. I had some old demo songs which were good, but as some of the riffs are moderately technical and somewhat advanced, a solid recording is always the key. Then I borrowed this full-length when it came out from a friend and after hearing it three times over, I realized that Mitochondrion had read my mind entirely the whole time.

The guitar riffs featured here are diversified and varied, which is a win for new death metal bands, especially of this specific sub-genre. There is never at any time a lack of musical fundamentalism and good metal song structures. Whenever there's a slow part lacking in the song, the last riff in the song destroys you and dooms you in. Then there's the bass. Not in a single moment do I not enjoy the low-end brutality of these songs. It also adds incredible power to slower parts.

What I enjoy the most from the recording is the drumming. Consistent, but not boring use of the double kick patterns with lots of thrown-off variation to spice it up. Every time there's a snare fill it just dominates the entire sound of the recordings. The title can also be applied to the drumming - nothing but absolute chaos and Mitochondrion's drummer surely brings it in. I think these guys should keep the guy, I'm sure most new-age death metal bands would jump at the chance to snatch him.

In general, I am not a big fan of newer death metal; It's far too complex, very repetitive, and flat out boring. Surprisingly enough, this is the opposite in many ways. It's complex, but structure finely with original musicianship, It's not repetitive at all, especially in comparison with the run-of-the-mill goregrind death metal whatever band. And in conclusion, not boring at all. I have acquired my own copy since then and still spin it regularly.