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Mithridatic - Miserable Miracle - 90%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 29th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Kaotoxin Records (Limited edition, Digisleeve)

The French Extreme Metal scene has become one of the strongest within the past few years. There is no week passing by without another interesting release popping up from nowhere. There must be something in the camembert making old those French Metal warriors go wild.

Mithridatic is another example and while already existing for more than a decade “Miserable Miracle” is their first full length album. Tagged by the label as Black/Death Metal to my ears the Death portion is clearly dominating. The riffing is quite traditional for the most parts with straight forward chords and hypnotic and stoic chops that mainly remind of classic US bands like Morbid Angel.

The drumming is very intense and technical giving the overall sound a quite nervous feeling. While the basis riffs often stay within the main keynotes of the track the ferocious drumming leads to a certain chaotic vibe. This element is further enhanced by some sick lead guitar interludes that are sprinkled over each song and are especially impressive when used during one of the slower parts. Add the very aggressive and often hysterical vocals that are perfectly fitting the instrumentation and you got the ingredients to create a very unsettling atmosphere.

It speaks for the band that even though the first spin might lead to the impression that the music is a bit messy consecutive listens will make the consumer realize that the songwriting is spot on. The complex hyper-speed parts are often interrupted by slow-down sections making the next blast-beat attacks even more intense. There is nothing catchy on the surface but after listening to the tracks a few times some great hooks can be recognized. Themes and harmonies are repeated with smaller and bigger adoptions leading to a feeling of coherence over the whole album.

The production is very heavy mixing enough grittiness with the needed clarity. The drums have immense power and punch and the guitars have a very nice and crunchy tone. Nothing is buried in the mix so that all the crazy details are audible. “Miserable Miracle” for sure is no easy listening experience but anyone willing to invest some time might feel awarded.