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Two tracks worth checking out - 80%

linkavitch, March 31st, 2009

We got ourselves here the final demo released by Mithotyn before they got to release an actual album. This demo is pretty straight forward; most of the songs on here got turned into songs for their albums. The only ones that you won’t find would be “Bland Vargars YI” which you can only hear if you have to Japanese release of Gathered Around the Oaken Table. The other track is the closer track “Upon Mighty Winds” which is nothing more than an instrumental piece with some weird keyboard work in the beginning.

Some demos tend to redo some of their songs and turn them into completely new tracks for the album, this one doesn’t do that. The songs that get reused sound the exact same only with weaker production on the demo version. It’s kind of hard to recommend just the demo alone when you can try and find the albums that have the same songs and bonus songs with it instead of just the demo.

This demo has without a doubt the worst production out of all of their demos. This is the only demo that has a static line that is on all the songs and you can hear it quite well when you turn the volume up. It’s like this annoying “tss” sound you hear throughout all the songs, much like the sound a snake would make. This is really the only problem with the demo though for the songs on here are all pretty good tracks.

This is a good demo and worth checking out mostly for the two tracks that you won’t be able to find on their full lengths unless you get the Japanese version of Gathered Around the Oaken Table. It's worth checking out just for the two tracks alone.