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Superb - 85%

TheSiegeReloaded, March 14th, 2004

I checked out Mithotyn a few months ago based on a recomendation from an amazon review of some band I was looking up. Anyways, uppon hearing two songs from them (Hail Me & Masters of Wilderness) I decided I needed this album. I must say, it's quite superb. The vocals are the typical screamed vocals like you'd hear in black metal bands (although Mithotyn aren't BM), the guitars are fast, high and at times heavy. The music can be really catchy and is easy to get into if you give it a chance. Stand-out tracks are the title track, Hail Me, Under The Banner, and Masters of Wilderness. But there's not actually any skip-worthy tracks on the disc, it's a solid listen from start to finish. I highly recomend it.