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Viking Metal Masterpiece - 95%

ElvenKing, September 14th, 2004

Well, "King of the Distant Forest" was my introduction to Mithotyn world. I usually define Mithotyn as a UNIQUE band. The perfect union of heavy metal melodies, speed, viking feelings e epic choirs... Yes, all this we find at one band.
Let's to the album... the album highlights are "Hail Me", "Under The banner", "Trollvisa" and "King of Distant Lands"The main music are power/heavy metal riffs with black metal voices. Strongly melodic and fast melodies. This album is near to perfection, is one of the best Viking Metal releases, a Classic....
Is really a pity that the band had broke up, you can found now similiar influences at Falconer that contains members of Mithotyn(Stefan Weinerhall the man behind the melodies and Karsten Larsson, the drummer). Well Falconer remember and have a lot of Mithotyn but is more near to Power/Heavy Metal because the voices are not like black metal.
Well, If don't know Mithotyn but like Power/Viking Metal, your CD Collection is missing a masterpiece...