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Great final album - 95%

linkavitch, December 12th, 2008

This is the 3rd and last album from Viking metal band Mithotyn. It plays just like their last 2 albums and some of their demo tapes. So with that said, you just know its going to be a great album.

Everything that was portrayed on “King of the Distant Forest” is portrayed on this album also. The guitar stays about the same, with lots of melodies, and with some power metal style riffs. The riffs however aren’t as creative as I would have hoped for especially for their final album, however they still and creative (just not as much) as their last 2 albums. The drumming follows up with the bass part again like King of the Distant Forest, very fast with lots of loud bass.

The vocals are the main difference for the final album. They are more harsh and distorted than the last 2 albums. They sound raspier and less polished this time around than the last album, although at the same time they sound more clear and noticeable than the first album In the Sign of the Ravens, in which the vocals were hard to hear through the most part. There are also more choruses in this one. Songs like “Watchman of the Wild” and “In the Clash of Arms” have well played chorus parts. Also, the final track “The Old Rover” is played by Karl Beckmann, and the vocals are clean throughout the whole album, which is a nice change. He also plays the piano part in the opener to that song.

The production is about the same. More of the same well produced quality and some sound effects in it still. Hearing the sword clashes in “In the Clash of Arms” are a nice touch to that song.

Now it sucks that this is the last album by Mithotyn before they split-up. They all formed or joined different bands like Falconer, Infernal Vengeance, Dawn, and so forth. I recommend checking out those bands also if you like any of the work by Mithotyn, for they are very good and worth a listen. Anyways, this is a great finale for an amazing Viking metal band. If you can find it, get it.