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One of the finest form of viking metal - 95%

eradicated, February 16th, 2005

This album is really what i expected from a band that plays black/viking metal, the melody that makes you feel the hymns of the ancients being brought to life, it has the groove and not to mention a great vocal performance to match up with it, i extremely admire Stefan's guitar work, every song in this album must have a wonderful riff where you can bang your head and hum acordingly to it, for example the starting riff of 'Hearts Of Stone' really makes you want to hum it wherever you go, and 'In the clash of arms' has a fantastic chorus where two forms of vocals are used, the growling vocals and also the clean and dark vocals.

Almost every song has a good music direction, great riffs where you can have it stuck up your head, two types of vocals being the best treasure of a viking metal band, and most of the msuic really suites the age of the vikings, just like Thyrfing, it really brings you back to the ancient past.

The song 'The Old Rover' is also another thing i want to say about this great masterpiece, although this song is simple and at times could remind you of a person humming a rhyme to his life, it really is meaningful and good to sing along to (what a funny feeling) but it's the truth, most of the songs are like that.

This album perhaps may not be the best but still really is a good example for a great viking band, not many people will like this album depending on your taste for this sort of metal, but for me, this a package of metal taht sends me twisting in a world where vikings fights each other, and it will be very great hymns indeed if this sort of war were to commence.