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Dirtiest metal ever... - 93%

Wizardjoe, October 1st, 2007

I first heard Mistress in 2005, after seeing them support the Red Chord (of which I was dragged along to, not being a huge fan myself). However, it turned out to be one of the better gigs I have been to, purely for my discovering Mistress!! I remember loving their "We don't give a fuck" attitude - especially Drunk's face all the way through (hilarious grimacing). So I got home, and immediately checked out the band's sites.

"In Disgust We Trust" is the first Mistress album I purchased, and it is such a CD! The riffs are incredibly dirty; it is like listening to grindcore in a sewer, (coincidently one full to the brim with disgusting sludge). The first three tracks are relentless, showcasing mostly Migg's powerful drumming and Dave Cunt's IMMENSE shouting vocals. The lyrics are pretty average, but it is all about the sheer spite with which Dave pull's them off! Just listen to "Fucking Fuck" to witness this aggression! The guitar is pretty good, though no better than their previous effort (II - The Chronovisor) which is also highly recommended.

The next track, "Static" starts off with a sludged up riff, and moves on to be one of the slower tracks (so far) until, that is, it reaches the chorus. Upbeat, melodic guitar and clean vocals show the diversity that the band possesses - also witnessed in one of the best tracks of the album, "Whiskey Tastes Better", which features King Diamond-esque wails, and a sludge 'n' roll rhythm to die for! I repeat, Dave really is all over this CD - his sheer versatility is amazing (see also his vocals - the best Black Metal vocals ever - in Anaal Nathrakh's work, it is absolutely mental). He is surely one of extreme metal's best vocalists by quite a distance, accompanied by Akercocke's Jason Mendonca and Devin Townsend in my opinion.

Another apparent influence of Mistress is their beloved booze - songs with titles such as "Alcohole" (which feature ripping guitar solos not often heard from the band) and "Whiskey Taste Better" have alcohol fuelled lyrics, laced with the band's sick sense of humour. The +9 minute instrumental sludgefest that is "Shovel" is an epic track to scare the shit out of a stoned individual, or start up a fight between a few drunks, and for this reason, I love it!! Its abrupt ending leaves you thinking "Where is the rest of the track?! Perhaps if I go back and listen to the whole CD again I will hear it..." and for this reason it is one of my most played albums.

Definitely one to release any anger you may have, or just put on when you want to thoroughly piss someone off! Highly recommended, as is the preceding album.