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Grind's Speed Freaks... - 95%

MorturomDemonto, April 28th, 2007

I had previously heard of Misery Index through many zines, etc. ... But I had never bothered checking them out. Until I had a sudden Grind craving. I finally did check them out by picking up their CD at a local record store, and I was not disappointed by what I heard about them.

Misery Index could easily be described as Death/Grind's speed freaks. They just never ever let up (except for their title track "Discordia", which is a much slower paced song).

The guitars are quite exceptional for a Death/Grind band. Normally, you would expect them à la Circle Of Dead Children, however they are aggressive, quick and witty and relatively technical. They do incorporate some melody in about two songs and there are a couple solos on this record ("Sensory Deprivation" quickly comes to mind). The Bass is audible, but you have to listen carefully to hear it. Once again extreme metal disappoints over and over, because we can never hear the fucking bass. The vocals are good, from Dying Fetus-esque growls (somewhat similar to John Gallagher's vocals, medium growls) and screams that sound hardcore-ish, but not too much. The drums are extremely fast-paced and the drummer never lets up. Almost 55% of this record is blastbeats and the rest is either thrashy or punk beats. They are quite appropriate for this kind of music.

In all I'd recommend this record to anyone who wants to cross-over into the Grindcore scene or who just wants to have their brains completely annihilated in 30minutes.

Highlight tracks: Unmarked Graves, Conquistadores, Breathing Pestilence, Sensory Deprivation, Dystopian Nightmares.