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Discordia - 89%

Jay_Bee, June 11th, 2006

I was really waiting for this album; I love Misery Index and I was sure that after Retaliate and Dissent they would put up an amazing record. As I heard the first track, I immediately noticed the different production, which let me down a bit ( I loved how drums sounded on Dissent and how guitars were like a razor, while here they are a bit muddy) but I listen more to the music than to the sounds.
Riffs were great as ever, memorable and all in MI style, so I was pretty happy. So, what is wrong with this release? Probablyone thing is the tracks' order: there are too many melodic songs in the middle-end, while I like the more aggressive part of the band.

It's sure that the band is continuing to progress in writing music, and going on with the things that made us love 'em: the catchyness, the political lyrics, the shouting vocals, the killer drums and a more melodic approach, but this is not what I'd expected from them. This is a great album, but Overthrow EP, Retaliate and Dissent EP were better.

The next album will be the critical point: if it will be better than this, they will confirm what they have done; but it if it not even good as this, it may be the beginning of the end of the aspect of the band that I love. Let' s hope this is only a passage point. There are highlights that confirm what should be the way of this band: Meet Reality, Unmarked Graves, Sensory Deprivation and Discordia; this is how the band should go on mixing brutality, cathyness and melody.