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Experimental and solid - 75%

ChildOfTheTwilight, December 7th, 2003

This is a good release, some things could surely improved but however this band is interesting...
The demo starts with an evocative piano intro leading to a classic death metal riffing which characterizes the first track, "From Beyond", the vocals are deep growls sometimes combined with raw screaming... some parts of the songs seem linked by force but the riffs are solid and catchy at the same time.
The second track, "The Point Of No Return", starts with a very particular combination of death metal riffing and vocals with piano breaks, then supported by drum machine always quite good programmed, here the screams are more present, especially in the chorus (however, Misbelieving are very far from the usual concept of song-structures). The middle break is rich of atmosphere, even this time outbreaking into a headbanging cadenced riffing, with good rhytmical section.
The last song, "Into The Flux", starts with a long acoustic part, it's quite good but I think it doesn't match that well with the following death metal assault... Here the vocals and lyrics are performed by Sebastiano Moro from Abiura and even the song structure is better than the first two tracks, the riffing structure is quite complex and so are the bass lines and drum patterns... At the end the track breaks leaving place to a jazz piano outro, it's nice but it doesn't fit that good with the song, maybe more with the mood of the band..
The recording and production is not that bad, however this is their first work so it's ok. If you like old school death metal combined with a taste for experimentation you should give a listen to that.