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Amazingly harsh... - 96%

Vaargmarth, July 15th, 2009

I have a very positive opinion about all the filth that Rusty Axe Records is constantly unleashing. A vast amount of really sick releases by that label is haunting my shelves and this release could not be an exception. I'm listening to the split CD between Raw Hatred and Misanthropy. Being a collaborative release with Wolf's Hook Records, this little round piece of plastic turned to be one of the most sick, disgusting and filthy black metal albums I've heard for quite some time now. An almost rehearsal-like production is saturating the music of both bands, giving the whole CD a very claustrophobic feeling and both bands are celebrating the holocaust.

Raw Hatred is opening this act of terror. They play the purest kind of hyper-fast, mesmerizing raw black metal in the vein of early Darkthrone but evading the trap of repeating. Instead, they create their own material which, besides raw, is very interesting as well. Their music has a very straight sense of pluralism in it, again very original, and from it, a very solid and distinctive creativity is emerging. Raw Hatred's songs are based in some simple-structured patterns which they create and expand, forming some complete creations in all aspects! Insane and ripping vocals, very intense, combining with a thick layer of chainsaw guitars, melting bass and rotten drums. Like a bulldozer on acid, riding towards a wall of sound. They have all these elements to break you apart. In seconds. After them, the second part of this punishment awaits.

Misanthropy, partners in this crime, is very similar to Raw Hatred. The speed as well as the sickness is almost the same: pounding, screaming, worshiping the old days, destroying some serious brain cells and again pounding until everything is turned into dust. They even choose to follow some very clear grind paths; prepare to sacrifice your speakers for their glory! Their basis remains the same, traditional old-school black metal. Proportionally, as close we get to the end, things are getting more and more vivid. Utterly distorted vocals are chanting hymns of disgust, guitars and rhythm section in the same manner. In many cases their sound even turns into that significant death/grind/gore sound of early 90's, Carcass, Napalm Death etc. Their black metal is fully "infected" with these "alien" elements. I hope that particular sickness never cures. Really, if you are into harshness in black metal then they are the epitome of that. After all these and just before the very end, where adrenaline is at full potential, in the glimpse of an eye they are calming down, everything slows down only to decompose into the most lyrical, sad, funeral droning aftermath!

Amazingly, this split CD is so much unified and both bands are performing excruciating well. Even the production is unified, with Raw Hatred having more of that rehearsal sound, something I liked very much. In the very end, someone cannot possibly listen to one of the two bands only, you have to listen to every second of this infernal masterpiece. Some really straight forward harsh black metal art to be found here. Nothing more to be said except that you should enrich your music collection and your soul with it. Get that beast while you can.