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Great Release - 85%

nahuel666, May 9th, 2006

Yeah, a great release, with no doubt. And, specially, if you´re a Misanthrope fan. The reason is the tracklist itself: some new songs ("Le Lanceur D´Ames", "L´Envol", "Movements of hypochondriac basses and libertine tempos", "Ouverture D´Avant Scene", a new version of "Courtisane Syphilitique", etc) and a collection of previously unreleased material, and prevously released but rare stuff. On this way, you´ll find the Paradise Lost cover "Forever ´Shattered´ Failure" (originally included on a tribute titled AS WE DIE FOR...) and "La Druidesse du Gevaudan", which was recorded on the same sessions. "Impermanence et Illumination", a song recorded on the studio sessions for the album VISIONNAIRE... "Le Roman Noir", which is an early version of the song "Schattengesang"... "L´Ecume des Solos" (hmmm... not a good idea) and "At 666 Days..." (great duet version with Spiros, from Septic Flesh) from the LIBERTINE HUMILIATIONS sessions... A live version of "L´Erotique Courtoise"...

On the other hand, you´ll find a live album, their first official live one, and with a particular point: this CD is recorded really live, with no mixes nor overdubbing. Most of the live albums are just fakes, but this is not the case. So, the sound is a little noisy and raw, as well the perfomances. This point is more than welcome for me, of course. When I look for a live album, I want a real live album. The choosen songs are some of the most representative compositions of this band.

Next, you´ll see a 3rd CD: the LIBERTINE HUMILIATIONS. To be honest, I think that it was not a good decision. I mean that this album is a regular release! In fact, it was the previous release, so I think nobody need a new copy. Maybe they should have re-released the demos, or simply they should have not to include a 3rd CD.

As I said, a great release from a great band.

HUGE waste of money - 25%

natrix, April 15th, 2004

For those of you who contemplate buying this, consider the following information:
You get a tiny, tiny poster.
You get a CD of rarities.
You get a live CD.
You get Libertine Humiliations.
Now, consider the price: about $60.
If you're that much of a Misanthrope fan, by all means, get it. The problem is the two new songs have been since released on Immortel (with better production), the Paradise Lost cover on some tribute on Holy Records. "Courtisane Syphillique 2000" is a better version of the same song from 1666, but not worth $60. Download it, or something! "La Druidesse du Gevaudan" and "Impermenace et Illumination" come from the Visionaire sessions, and are really quite good, as you might only be able to find them on some damn compilations. But they don't merit $60. "L'écume des solos" is fucking retarded. A song from Libertine Humiliations (hey! The whole album is in this package!) without vocals and just a bunch of guitar (and bass) solos. Not cool. "At 666 Days" is another song from that album, with the singer from Septic Flesh trading off vocals with SAS (Spiros sings in English, SAS in French). Neat, but overall pretty stupid. "Les Litanies de Satan" is SAS reading a Baudelaire (great poet) poem with some keyboards. Dramatic, but fucking boring. "Movements of Hypocondriac Basses" is a bass solo, like Metallica's "Anestesia." It's cool, but not worth $60. "Le Roman Noir" is another re-recording of something from 1666, but in French instead of German. The last song is just some short keyboard thing, and not really interesting.
Now, the live disc. Good performance, a lot of songs from Libertine Humiliations, and good quality. It doesn't really add up.
Why the hell is Libertine Humiliations on here? Most of us already have it! THIS IS A FUCKING STUPID IDEA! The album isn't their greatest either, and most of the songs have already showed up on this boxed set in one form or another. They should have released the first two demos and the Hater of Mankind EP, because us Misanthrope freaks might not have those, but we do have Libertine Humiliations.
The booklet isn't great either. Huge pages of wasted space, a few band pictures (but nothing rare, like from the early days), but yes, all the lyrics to the rarities and Libertine Humiliations.
This is a total money grabbing effort, and a waste of your cash! Some of the rarities CD is great, the live CD is okay, and Libertine Humiliations is much better on it's own.