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Great piece of Metal Art! - 100%

nahuel666, August 28th, 2004

This is a real piece of Metal Art! A de-luxe box set containing 2 CDs and 2 DVDs (limited to 2000 copies), as a celebration of the 15 years of Misanthrope. Fine box design, and a complete booklet with the lyrics and band pictures.

First CD, titled "Misanthro-therapie", contains some previously unreleased songs from 2000, 2001 and 2002, plus new songs recorded on 2004 exclusively for this edition. About special guests, one track includes Ludovic Loez from SUP, and another one includes the two guys of Stille Volk; the result of these unions are very interesting songs, enriched with a touch of the named artists. The new compositions are very powerfull; the band is back to the extreme Metal, with a more aggressive sound and lots of fast passages. Vocals (in french language) are more extreme than the previous 2 albums too. Great music, that promises an extreme Misanthrope again!

The second CD, titled "Traces Indiscretes", consists on some live songs recorded on Paris, some cover songs (At The Gates, Coroner, Trust and SUP) and a french version of the song Khopirron. Great sound quality and fine cover versions!! Note about the covers: all vocals are in french too!

About the first DVD, it includes declarations of the band members (in french, naturally, but no subtitles for the rest of the world!) and live songs, backstages, studio workings and more. If you can´t understand french, maybe you´ll be sleepy until the live songs appears.

The second DVD is a kind of bonus, with two concerts, and more live songs from very old days to present. Also you can see an interview and some studio recordings, plus some extra material.

Honestly, I never seen before something like that, in extreme music. For fans and collectors!!!