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Much More Than Spleen - 80%

Dario_CF, August 22nd, 2008

If you are an educated deathster, with a good school curriculum, then you’ll like knowing “IrremeDIABLE” is an inspired concept by the character of Charles Baudelaire, the damned poet. And sure, if you still remember something of your French studies, you may read and listen the lyrics understanding the message of Misanthrope fully.

If on the contrary at school you were some hardhead students, and during the class of literature you used to play cards, you merely know your tongue and finally you think “Les Fleurs Du Mal” is a perfume to give your girlfriend for her birthday, then don’t be afraid, give up the lyrics and focus on the music of the transalpine band: you’ll have many satisfactions.

Because Misanthrope made a huge work with their death metal, being not satisfied with making the thrash lesson even more rotten and ugly, but also testing themselves with a progressive elaborated writing, that gives the right room to the instruments technique (it’s hard to hear such a wonderful leading bass!) but without exaggerating or forcing the structures of the tracks, adding some splendid piano and keys touch that you’d expect more from a gothic metal act than from a death band.

The result is excellent and the music flows with naturalness, succeeding in exciting your ears all along the very long album. “IrremeDIABLE” offers us something not too straight, that requires a couple of careful listens but that in the end reveals all of its beauty and refinement.

Especially, something in their style recalls the mourned Death. And this explains what matter they are made of.

Originally written for Silent Scream