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Fucking crazy!!! - 60%

natrix, April 15th, 2004

Before Misanthrope became a avant-garde doom band, then a progressive death metal band, then a death metal band....they were a death metal band. Having said that, this is some really wild stuff. Take the speed of Altars of Madness, some of the keyboards and technicality from Nocturnus' The Key, slight bits that remind me of Death's Leprosy and inhuman vocals, and you've got this. The main problems with this are: the production (pretty damn bad) and the fact that these guys couldn't play at the level the music required of them. It's a shame that they didn't keep up with this style, because it does show a bit of promise. The vocals are the real novelty in having this, because they are SO over the top, sounding nearly inhuman (but not some shitty processed industrial stuff). So much hatred, so much insanity. Then when you add in the other stuff, it just adds to the insanity factor.
This is VERY different from anything else Misanthrope has done, and not surprisingly, it features only SAS (with his real name, Philippe Courtois) out of the exisiting line-up. I'm tempted to say that this is "kvlt" due to the patience you have to have to enjoy it, as well as the overall morbid flavor of the music.