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Minority Sounds! - 75%

eagle_dan, January 17th, 2013

"Electronic metal from Chzeck Republic? Why not?!" thought I when started to download this promo. I'm pretty familiar with such projects as Gorgonea Prima (industrial black) and War For War (melodic black) from the same country, therefore I thought that this band is going to justify my expectations. And they really did. Honestly, I can't judge the guitar playing since I have no ear for music, but I definitely can say what I liked in the general sound of the tracks and what I did not.

From what I got from my headphones, I can say that album (and as I found later, the band in general) features semi-aggressive, rhythmic, high-tempo (for example, compared to heavy) kind of metal fused with synthesizer digital effects. Some times these electronic melodies even feel like dance rhythms (especially on "Primary Slave" and "Secondary Master"). I found it pretty unusual.

For what I could possibly tell about the guitar playing (with my tone deafness) is that's it's pretty unvaried and partially fills like game soundtrack, but definitely not a bad soundtrack. But further, the voice is often alternated from normal to an aggressive growl-like, but it could be an electronic effect since the clean (non-electronic) voice is pretty rare on all the tracks.

The album opens with "Never Enough", coming up with a philosophical topic of lyrics. As all the following tracks, it features a combination of normal and aggressive vocals (I especially liked this idea as it adds better emotional effects and highlights), nice synthesizer effects, and sometimes even dance-like rhythms and melodies, which is just a great idea.

Honestly, the tracks' sound may be a bit to raw, but it's a promo, so I think it's okay with that. Of all the tracks, I think "Soundless God" sounds the best, or at least this track is the most complete. I liked very much the idea to alternate normal and growling vocals in nearly every line in the song, which makes the overall sense of the track even better and adds some special atmosphere.

I'd for sure recommend finding or downloading this album.