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Ministry go out with a fucking BANG - 99%

ozzeh, July 29th, 2007

Okay, I must say that after listening to this CD for a grand total of 3 times, I am seeing this band live if they tour. I don't care how far it is, I am seeing this live. This is due to the fact that is the best industrial metal album ever created with an emphasis on metal rather than industrial. This is the album that NIN's "With Teeth" tried to be, except way fucking heavier, with way better lyrics, and way better songs.

The riffs remind me of death metal about 50% of the time while the other 50% of the time they're just crushing doom/metal riffs at an insane speed metal pace. Punk like riffs and drumming can even be found in songs like "No Glory" and "Die in a Crash". The guitar playing is absolutely perfect. Mike Scaccia has seriously outdone himself and is maybe even topping his guitar playing with Rigor Mortis. The riffs and solos on this album are seriously fucking badass and I'll just leave it at that.

The bass is deep and well rooted in the music along with the absolutely mili-metre precise drumming. The drumming is seriously impressive as is the way each song progresses. These are some seriously well crafted songs of the highest nature and the amount of brain power that went into creating "The Last Sucker" makes Samael's "Solar Soul" seem mild by comparison. The spoken industrial voices all throughout the music really give it an enduring/aural effect on the listener. The voice manipulations of George W. on "Death and Destruction" are fucking brilliant. Al's voice is venomous and quite honestly reminds me of Lemmy from Motorhead with a serious kick in the balls.

This album is perfect from start to finish; I've never heard an album symbolize a pointless war better than "The Last Sucker". Every song is heavy as hell, and even the Doors' remix of "Roadhouse Blues" is absolutely killer material. The production is beautiful and multifaceted and the musicianship shown on this release is practically unparalleled. Highly, highly reccommended for any metalhead.