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Al is definately having the last laugh - 91%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, December 6th, 2007

So this is the end huh? Well, if one goes out with any dignity go kamakhazi style I say. Fuck grace, peacefullness and all that stuff....go out like nuclear war is about to commence. Thank-God Al takes heed to this because Ministry finally made me forget the last handful of albums they put out. In fact, this is the kind of Ministry that we haven't heard since their maximum peak with their trilogy of Industrial masterpieces such as "TLOR&H", "TMIATTTT", and "Psalm 69." This is Ministry many of us grew-up listening to and have come to know and love.

If "House of Mole" was the first step in in the right direction, "Rio Grande Blood" sounded like Al and camp just STARTING to warm up. "The Last Sucker" will have you running a fucking marathon. Speed, heaviness, speed, heaviness....this album honestly doesn't let up on what Ministry is known for. I honestly haven't heard Al Jourgenson this pissed off since classic Ministry track such as "Burning Inside", and "NWO". Already the first track "Let's Go" starts off with a cool-sounding sample of a homeless man preaching hellfire and brimstone...BANG! The hotrod-fueled catchiness of Ministry's sound is back. Al there screaming "Let's go insane!"...hey, why the hell not? Just as long as you provide us with enough drugs Al. Guitar solo is short and leaves you yearning for more but you'll have more of it throughout the rest of the album. Mike Scaccia's guitars are perfectly mixed and his accuracy on making killer Motorhead-ish solos allover this album is smoething that is needed in this day and age of faggy wannabe-shredders spewing over Dragonfarce. "Watch Yourself" is very militant stomp-heavy start/stop guitar based and then goes into the kind of half-Thrash riff mixed with samples that Fear Factory haven't been able to write in years. Speaking of which FF mainman Burton C. Bell is on here. "Life Is Good" is an excellent continuation and even more guitar solos. Shit already 3 songs into the album it's still going strong. "The Dick Song" slows it down a bit. Not bad. But sounds like a sum-up of the first 3 songs. The title track is filler, nothing that stands out that much. "No Glory" and "Death & Destruction" is where the speed kicks back in and it kicks in hard like AL going through a mountian of 8-balls, qualudes, and any other kind of upper known to man. Definately the most Metal tracks Ministry has produced. "Roadhouse Blues" is a Doors cover and the first time I heard this song, I got goosebumps on my arms. THE follow-up to "Jesus Beat My Hotrod". Y'know what? Fuck that song, Ministry's "Roadhouse Blues" blows it out of the water. Even though it's a cover somewhere Jim Morrison is smiling."Die In A Crash" kepts the momentum going that's a cyberpunk anthem. Burton C. Bell lends his vocals in the catchy sing-along chorus with riffs reminiscent of classic Black Flag/Dead Kennedys. End of Days part 1 and 2 starts are two of the slowest songs on here. Not less filled with good riffs. Very similar to "Golden Dawn" off "The Land of Rape & Honey". The sad thing about this album is this was the last with contribution made by the legendary Paul Raven also known for his contributing to apocalyptic bi-polar occult lunatics, Killing Joke, who died from heart failure. R.I.P. you angry bastard.

Cowboy hat in place with a pack of marlboro cigarettes stuffed into his side pocket of his mortorcycle jacket, bandanna collecting the sweating pouring from brow and a bottle of cheap wine, Al Jourgenson walks off into the sunset with a huge grin on his face. Silver tooth gleaming with the burning setting sun and a middle finger in the air. We'll miss ya Al. We'll definately miss ya.