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The Last Sucker - 95%

EmperialWrath, July 29th, 2007

Part three of their Anti-Bush administration campaign, following "House of the Mole" and "Rio Grande Blood". Jourgenson's last offering as a full time musician shows that even after 27 years in the business, the man still has plenty of lead in his pipe. For those who are familiar with their last two albums, the music is not vastly different in approach, just that the riffs are much thrashier. As for the rest of them n00bs, imagine a ten ton panzer running over an assembled line of bulldozers at 10 kms/hr or you could just get this album and get it done with.

The songs on "The Last Sucker" range from heavy to really fucking heavy to 'no fucking way' heavy. Seriously, when a band does a cover of "Roadhouse Blues" at 170 BPM with in-your-fucking-face non-stop double kicks and manages to sound like Motorhead in the process, you know it can't possibly get any better. The song "Die in a Crash" featuring guest vocals by Burton Bell of Fear Factory, has Dead Kennedys tattooed all over it. A tribute to the legends, I'm sure.

"Life is Good" is the only song on this album which i'm not too crazy about, but the guitar solo and the riff that follows it, makes this otherwise excessively Rob Zombie-like song, bearable. Guitar solos, by the way, are one of the additions to their 'new' sound and they are really tasty and very 80's Hammet-sounding. Another relatively new addition to the band's sound is the symphonic-wall-of-sound effect, made popular by the likes of Strapping Young Lad used throughout the album to great effect.

The intro to the song "The Last Sucker" sounds strikingly similar to something Exodus had done in the 80s. Just to give you an idea of the vast array of genres these guys have managed to cover and fit into this 56 min monster.

"Death & Destruction" is probably the most metal song these guys have ever written and this is also when the album really kicks into a full metal assault.. The two-part "End of Days" is the perfect swansong with all the elements that has made Ministry. Hate, rage, corruption, dismay and irony, as an Eisenhower speech is played through for the last 5 minutes of this juggernaut of an album.

Very rarely does an album come out so fucking heavy, it accelerates your bowel movement. Ministry brings you their "Last Sucker" and this is as metal as it can get.