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The transformation is complete - 1%

SteveHNo96, March 11th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Nuclear Blast

Someone told me at one point in time that Ministry was a genre-defining band. I guess I could see that argument, but that's like saying that you had the hottest girlfriend in high school and when you went to see her today, she was strewn out from three bad marriages, prostituting herself for drugs and a five-year stint in the Betty Ford clinic after OD'ing on meth.

Where do I begin with how incredibly cringe-worthy and Godawful this song is? First off, the beat is borrowed from their 2013 song "Punch in the Face", a song that while not an instant classic, compared to this song, sounds almost like some of Black Sabbath's work. The guitars and bass work almost sound phoned in, the drum work is decent, so at least that has that going for them, and of course we have Al Jourgensen, who honestly looks like in this single and video like he's ready to rob a liquor store, rather than actually punch someone in the face. I didn't expect after all the years of injecting the dragon that he was going to write the next works of Shakespeare but I did expect some coherence. The thing is: I have heard most of the rest of the album, there are high points, the harmonica in Twilight Zone is fantastic, but Antifa is lazy all around from composition which sounds all-too-familiar all the way down to the fact this song will be forgotten in a few years even by the fans of Ministry.

The next thing that is horribly wrong is simply the message. I don't have a problem with someone standing up to the institution but these lyrics are painful to hear even by 2010s Ministry standards. Take a read of them and see how much it sounds like a 12 year old who watched Stephen Colbert one time and thinks he's oh-so-edgy by shouting "FUCK DONALD TRUMP". I would expect this from a band that was devoid of any talent, but Ministry was great at one point in time and they're clearly coasting on their reputation on this song. It would be like if Metallica released a single where James would just shout "I hate war!" for 5 minutes recorded about six months after Kirk, Robert and Lars pre-recorded their part.

The last thing that I really can't stand is Ministry used to make fun songs. Psalm 69, anyone? Jesus Built My Hotrod? These are instant classics. Antifa honestly is a kind of toxic cheese that can be found just about anywhere and it is catering to a demographic that when it is catered to, has tried to ruin everything from movies, to TV shows, to video games to sports and yes, to music. When you can hear this same kind of incessant droning from people like Trevor Noah and John Oliver, that's when sales and streams go down the toilet. You are seeing it in every Hollywood performance that embraces the social-justice agenda and you will see it here.

In conclusion, pandering to a hate group like Antifa is a great way to alienate your fan base and this song makes me wish it was 1994 again, not only because Ministry would have done a hell of a lot better on this song instead of having transformed into being a mouthpiece for the overly virulent and pernicious culture of every social justice warrior on Facebook, Reddit or Twitter that acts like they get a $10 check every time they say the words "racist" or "sexist", but also because being a liberal meant you weren't necessarily associated with that kind of iniquitous poison that caused the problems that led to the election of Trump in the first place. If Ministry is going to make any more songs like this, maybe it's better that they just sail off into the night and let other bands take their money, I mean since capitalists are pigs and all.