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Hmmm, ... interesting, but callow - 58%

ShatteredSky, February 22nd, 2005

This is one of those albums, which starts quite interesting (in fact only the first 1.5 songs) just to stumble over mediocrity afterwards. However, it sounds quite unique (at least to me). Basic Metal played with some hints towards Hardrock and Punk. I am not exactly sure why, but here and there my mind briefly snaps to Golden Earring, Primus (not the bass), and even “lean” Kyuss (buried somewhere in “Airplanes”). Strange ... There are some few odd guitar harmonies (1, 2, 8), and they try (not to successfully, me thinks) to include some progressive and / or thrash parts.
Generally, the album is on the faster side with a somewhat rough production. Once again, the vocals are the crux of this short piece of music. The track length stays between 2 and four minutes, which keeps some of the songs from finishing their ideas suitably.
Résumé: Not boring, but also not mind blowing. As for my taste the interesting bits are too few and often mingled with things I don’t appreciate. A little change in the right direction, and I really could have liked this.