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Feel the ocean is here - 79%

Crossover, December 16th, 2016
Written based on this version: 1993, CD, Noise Records

Mind Odyssey started as a hardly-original power metal band taking influences from bands like Judas Priest, RAGE, and Gamma Ray. The musical talent always seemed to be a talking point though sadly Victor Smolski isn't gracing this album. The axeman here, Rocco Stellmacher and Dan Uhden, do a competent-enough job.

They really just aren't very original here. Already on the first track we can here an approximation of the solo riff from Judas Priest's All Guns Blazing. The solo is even a half-assed attempt at mocking it. It still sounds okay though; I guess(?) better than the drivel Sabaton put out recently. The chorus sounds a bit like something Iron Maiden would put out in the original late-Dickinson years. The Priest influence continues on the 2nd track The Reaper which also reminds me of something RAGE would have released in their earlier years. There is a vocal melody here that is definitely a copycat of another song but it isn't coming to me at the moment.

They continue down this path, everything sounds good but nothing is really that original sounding. The ballad title track is a definite highlight, probably the best tune on the album with a saccharine chorus. Ultimately they would ditch some of the heavy power metal influences from this album for more hardrockin' vibes on the following disc.

Recommended tracks: Possessed By You, The Reaper, Keep it all Turning, I've Opened My Eyes.