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Mild disappointment, but still has its moments. - 75%

erickg13, October 28th, 2006

Mindfunk’s self titled debut is a bit of a letdown, not in and of itself, but in comparison to their 2nd album “Dropped”. Having heard “Dropped” first I was not expecting what I heard on this album, not to say it wasn't good.

Mindfunk is an oddball band, never feeling fully cohesive, as it seems some members leaned more towards the funky side of things and try to make them into a sort of Red Hot Chili Peppers, while others had a more metal and grunge preference. Unlike “Dropped” where it is clearly a metal album, this has a hodge-podge of everything and doesn’t really have distinct sound, this sometimes even happens in the course of a single song, best is example is “Ride & Drive”, which has thrashy moments but is predominantly funky.

The most distinct thing on the album, however, is Pat Dubars distinguishable and fairly versatile vocals. He has to tackle everything from thrash, to grunge, funk, even a bit of doom metal type stuff, and he pulls it off very good. His voice will remind fans of Soundgarden a bit of Chris Cornell.

My favorite song is probably the first 2 songs in “Sugar Ain’t So Sweet” and “Ride & Drive”. Also "Woke up This Morning" is a decent song. There are so many styles on this album to categorize it any one way.

Overall this is a decent album, however their 2nd album “Dropped” has a more focused and constant feel to it (it doesn’t jump all over the map is this album does). However this has its moments and is a decent album for fans of grunge bands such as Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. But for an intro into Mindfunk get “Dropped” instead.