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Grungin' and Groovin' - 85%

erickg13, August 22nd, 2006

Dropped, Mindfunks second album, is by far their best. It draws influences from the (then hugely popular) "grunge" movement (distorted guitars, angst filled lyrics, etc.). Dropped sounds a lot like an early Soundgarden album, which doesnt come as a surprise seeing as it was produced by Terry Date, who produced "Louder than Love" and "BadMotorFinger". This is not to say they plagarized anything from this or any other band.

Mindfunk is sometimes refered to as a 'b-level supergroup' due to the fact that during their existence they had members of Celtic Frost, Soundgarden, Nirvana, M.O.D. and Ministry. Though none were parts of any classic lineups or helped make classic album with those bands. Example: Jason Everman was in both Soundgarden and Nirvana but it he only participated in each band minimally.

The vocals, provided by both Jason Everman, Louis Svitek, and Patrick Dubar are really solid. The lead vocals are really strong, with a filling backing vocals. This helps complete the music, and add an extra dimension. Though, on some songs the vocals seem to cut through the music and instead of flowing with it.

The guitar work is pure grunge, as mentioned above. Though the guitars posseses a more metallic edge than some other similar bands.This helps make the music closer to a metal band than a "grunge" band. The bass is heavy and fluid, a bright spot really, one of the few things that doesnt seem totally taken from another band. The drums are solid, but sometimes the seem to be pushed back in the mix.

The Production is really good. Terry Date helps provide a solid groundwork for MindFunk to work around. From my description you might think that this is just a copy of some "grunge" album, but, in reality it just takes a lot of influences from them and mold them into something similar but at the same time different.

My favorite songs are "Goddess" into "Closer", which are bridged by a distorted guitar, and give it a more organic feel (not to mention the insect/nature effects at the begining of "Goddess"). The first half of Dropped is really strong, not to say the end half isnt but it feels less focused. Also "Drowning" is a decent song, with a catchy chorus. Another decent song is the thrashy "Mama, Moses, and Me".

In all this is a really good album if you are into this era of music. Also if you really like Soundgarden this a great band to check out. Overall Dropped is an slighlty above average album from what you might call a "b-level supergroup".