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What? Sorry, I don’t remember ... - 47%

ShatteredSky, February 22nd, 2005

Man, that was boring. Sorry guys, but why are you keeping things meandering? There are some hints that you could do better (sadly enough it’s even worse on the follow up). Well, maybe not better, because the execution is more or less and flawless and the production is crystal clear. One could call this a progressive, but while listening you suspect them to try to hard to sound that way for the sake of being different. After 15 minutes the mind is slipping, and in the end nothing remains very memorable. Also this lacks that “Hey, I didn’t like it in the first place but it’s interesting enough to store it for later investigations” thing (as far as I am concerned this goes for quite a number of releases, and it pays of in the end). And then this singer, he’s quite annoying. Sometimes I thought I was listening to Genesis or Fury In The Slaughterhouse for a brief moment (tricks of the mind, I think).
The best of this album is actually the little tune at the end called “Fade out”, which has a little bit of the right feeling. The rest lacks either atmosphere / epicness (for Power Metal), drive (though not being lame) or the right kind of progressiveness (for good progressiveness).
Résumé: Tolerable as background whatever, avoid (even more so the follow up) if you intend to get hooked up by the music. For the next time guys, please let the pieces fall in the right place ...