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Largely Functionless - 50%

A_Dreamer_In_The_Theater, October 10th, 2012

Wow! Mind's Eye, for all their talent, worked up an album of ten songs that won't add anything to your life. I am a thorough progressive rock fan and as a result are more able and more willing to digest all manners of weirdly arranged music that presents itself in the name of prog. In addition to that fact, I am a fan of Mind's Eye's work and will listen in greater detail where others would do a general sweep and quickly dismiss, but this is unbelievably dull!

"...Waiting For the Tide" sounds like a band drained of all their bite and are colored strengthless. There's melody in spades and yet not a phrase sticks out as quickly memorable. The songs are constantly shifting and so aggressively multi-layered that when it comes to adventurism, the band cannot be faulted. Ironically, though the better songs are those that utilize the traditional song format. Take "A Pond of Thoughts" for instance. Although insanely "progressive" in the verses, it has a bridge and a strong chorus that will get you singing along. It also breaks down nicely and leads to a pre-solo, masterful riff out where Frederik Gr├╝nberger and Daniel Flores do an ambitious and worthy call and response that builds up a fabulous head of steam for the solo.

"Circles in the Sand" is another of the album's highlights and works because of Novak's soaring vocals in the big chorus. "Calling (Father to Son)" has a few delicious prog bits in an ultra-jazzy fashion as does the two-part "Spirits in the Room", but if we are to speak concisely and, as a consequence, generally, this one falls under "forgettable efforts".