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Until The End Of Time - 78%

pumpkin_fly_free, August 8th, 2004

Millenium, featuring Ralph Santolla and Todd Plant from Eyewitness.
The Eyewitness album came and went and I must say that I haven't listened to it in a fair while.
This new project sounds more promising already, with a stronger production and more melodies evident from the outset.
The album is still as heavy as anything, with several layers of guitars and a heavy rhythm section guiding the whole shebang. Although these guys are American, the flavour is distinctly European. Very much in the vein of Zeno, Fair Warning, Ten, MSG, Scorpions and UFO (to quote the label - and I agree).
Shaman leaves you in no doubt the guys are here to rock and Beyond The Pain carries a cool harmony underneath the hard riffs.
Angelfire continues the hard rocking - a good hook leads the chorus.
There is only one ballad on the album - the acoustic pop rocker Julia.
Remember is also an interesting 1 minute accapela break between two rockers.
The guys will attract a similar audience to that of Ten and their Spellbound album, but don't quite hit the high's that that album did.

BOTTOM LINE: A better album second time around, resulting in a solid heavy album. Fans of the debut & Eyewitness will need no convincing, but others still might.