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The king of obscure EP's - 90%

TexanCycoThrasher, July 27th, 2009

Hailing from Texas, and only a handful of self released recordings Militia is quite the treat. The Sybling being their coup de graw. With only 100 made and numerous bootlegs pressed this has to be one of the most sought after albums ever. But is it truly worth the money dished out for the copies?

In my humble opinion it is.

The musicianship on this EP is fantastic, from the heavy sound of the guitar and bass to Mike’s banshee like vocals (their so loud that the speakers on my computer began to crackle at the beginning of Salem Square). As I just stated the guitar is heavy, and has a great tone to it thanks to the quality of the recording. The riffage is most epic here, along with the solos, though at some points they sound muffled. Most of this EP is mid-paced thrash with the exception of several speed breaks, but it isn’t dull and plodding at all.

I’ve read in an interview that the bassist Robert Willingham wasn’t very experienced with his instrument and has a low self esteem about how he’s played throughout his career in Militia but I must disagree. Throughout this EP he seems to have a good handle on his instrument and carries the rhythm pretty well. One of the high points about this album is Mike Soliz vocals. This guy can wail. He’s almost as Halford doppelganger, only he has a Stace “Sheepdog” style when he’s not going for the high notes. I have one complaint, the drums are pretty drowned out throughout the EP. Their almost non-existent.

The production values are pretty good for a small release. Especially Soliz’s extra vocal tracks added in for the parts where he lets out the high pitched wails.

Now this album is mostly known for how hard it is to come across a copy, personally I think it’s insane that original copies of this go for $1000 USD or more. But I and many other fans of this group would say that’d be worth it.

So to finish this up this is a great EP and definitely worth more plays than it receives, even though it has several faults it is highly recommended, but don’t go looking for an original, I’d just go for the new album Released-90%.