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Tasty goodness - 87%

Egregius, August 15th, 2003

Sometimes you got a record, that's rare as fuck, but people still want it. Then recordings go for incredible prices on ebay. But are they worth it?
My review is based on mp3s.

Regiments of Death by Militia is a tape with 3 tracks totalling just under 12 minutes. Listeners are treated to ear-drum shatteringly high vocals, a high-speed thrash assault and a decent amount of cheese. Did I say cheese?

Well the tape opens with a track called 'Metal Axe', and the song opens with a high-pitched wail by the impressive singer Mike Soliz. Somewhere on the track, the band does backing vocals screaming 'METAL!' which Mike Soliz completes with 'AAAAAAAAAaaaaaxe!'.

Why the high score? Why so much money? Well the music, it all falls deliciously into it's place. You got bands that innovate, and you got bands that just do everything the way it should be done and do it with just a bit more drive and gusto than everybody else. Militia is one of the latter; fast (and at times extremely high) vocals, fast and furious riff alternation, occasional backing vocals and again those lovely high screams to finish it off. And just that bit of cheese to make it more enjoyable. Ooh and an audible bass; the sound quality certainly is good for a demo tape (at least on my mp3 version).

But I wouldn't shell out more than 20 dollars/euros for it though, although I'm certainly going to buy the re-release if it ever comes.