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Miles Beyond - Discovery

Be a Jester in a Court of Fools - 80%

Twisted_Psychology, June 5th, 2020

When Miles Beyond first released the Discovery EP in 2009, I remember thinking that it was just a precursor for a full-length follow-up to their 2004 debut. Alas, eleven years have passed, and the band seems to have fallen silent beyond the very occasional live appearance. Fortunately, the EP remains a testament to their apt Maiden worship and even sees some advancements on their debut’s more epic moments.

While Miles Beyond’s songs typically deal with more escapist or historical matters, the title track sees them more concerned with the world around them. It presents a mix of uncertainty and hope, as its melancholic introduction is carried by a steady tempo and uplifting hooks. The jumps between choruses can make the structure feel dense, but each one is catchy, and the pacing is breezy enough for it to work. It certainly helps that the song’s video centered around the band’s home of Flint, Michigan has only gotten more poignant with time.

The other two songs don’t quite carry the same emotional weight but still make for some enjoyable fantasy metal fare. “My Able Axe” starts off with a similarly somber beginning before going off into a series of more determined gallops that reflect the warrior theme. “Thulsa Doom (Fangs of the Serpent)” pushes that scope even further, completely shedding any emotional hang-ups in favor of an epic buildup that transitions into another valiant charge.

While the songs on Discovery would’ve felt stronger as part of a proper full-length, this EP is pretty solid when taken on its own merits. It was nice to see the band double down on the more grandiose aspects of their classic metal sound and the musicianship is engaging without being too aggressive. I find myself reminded of what Maiden had been doing around the same time as opposed to any of their 80s material, which always makes for neat listening. It’s a shame that Miles Beyond’s flame has since gone out, but this is still an enjoyable effort.