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Drummer of the world, Mister Mike Terrana!!! - 100%

Gunnodayak, July 19th, 2006

Mike Terrana was for me, till this day, one of the various drummers Ynwie Malmsteen have played with in his long musical career. Yngwie Malmsteen had always good "instrumentists" along with him, and probably that's why I haven't noticed the drummer from "The Seventh Sign" album in a special way. Acidentally, I was looking in Artension discography, a progressive metal band (for the ones who haven't heard of them), and then I saw a name that sounded familiar for me. It was Mike Terrana on all Artension releases, exept two of them. OK, I've said to myself...Let's see what is all about with this Mike solo albums, so I bought "Man Of The World" from a local shop. From the first sounds of "The Omen" I've realised that what we have here is really something special. After that, in "Native Tongue", I began to realise that I am listening to something very special. A combination of fusion, jazz and progressive metal. All instrumental. In the next song, "Easy Does It", I've noticed some even, I would say...pop elements, in which the guitarist is playing his instrument in some parts like he is using a human voice in a very melodic way, and the groove style of of Mike is amazing. We have latino elements,too, in "Revenge Of The Cachaca" and something more agressive in the beggining of "Spin Drifter" and even some classic Beethoven in "Sonata #9 Pathetique". Just in case this was not enough, we are receiving "One For The Road" and Mike is showing his experimental side in a clear manner in "Five Alive", "Jungle Alley" and "Sorcery". The last track of the album is what some of us were waiting for, a long drum solo, recoreded live in Japan back in year 2002.
On this release, Mike is showing us one again that he is a real pro and he can play anyting with his skills, any genere, at any time. Without a trace of doubt, I can really say that Mike Terrana is from this day, in my opinion, one of the greatest drummers in music, not just only in metal. The production of this material is also brilliant, you can hear every little sound of his cymbals,the warm groovy bass is having the perfect place and warmth in this release, the guitar is crystal clear, and I firmly think that "Man Of The World" is one of the best instrumental releases in 2005. A "must have" for the ones who can hear vocals (or maybe "voices" :) ), if they really want that, in instrumental music...