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Heavy metal is back - 90%

Adalbertus, November 18th, 2007

I give high ratings as I enjoy a CD, and low ratings as I find it boring. So here we are, the rating actually is high! I'm just going to explain why, because there are several reasons.

First - non-selling-out. Miecz Wikinga are playing the music they like, don't seek the music industry to make them minions of the Dollar. They like heavy metal - so they play heavy metal, are frank in what they are doing.

Second - the music here is really very good. Not too maidenish, but somewhat... It's simply Polish heavy metal, inspired by both Western and Polish artists, with a strong classical feeling. The drums smash exactly as they should, and the guitars have interesting riffs. The solos work as well. And the song structures aren't too simple, they remind me somewhat of Mercyful Fate.

Third - originality. The band's style is really original, they do not try to "make Maiden" or "make Mercyful" or fake anyone, they got their own way of composing. That's a major advantage, they could prove trendsetting!

Fourth - Polish lyrics. Hardly anyone in Poland can sing English well enough, and to me it's good for a laugh - a guy that can't sing English, trying to sing, with a bad accent and terrible lyrics. Here the lyrics are all in Polish, understandable to me... Well I know not everyone can understand. But the singer sounds natural, he ain't trying to sound American or English. And the lyrics show a great dose of work, work, work, as well as the music. It wasn't throwing words on the paper, but real lyrical work we lack these times.

Overall - it's interesting, original, complex, emotive, full of a specific mood. A must-listen to Polish fans especially, but to everyone else it can prove interesting!