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Another BLACK ROCK N' ROLL perfection! - 100%

Werewolf, March 21st, 2009

As I wrote in the review about their compilation, a diehard fan of 1st wave Black Metal simply can’t go wrong with this band, and this EP proves it again. There are 6 new tracks here and the 1st track’s title says it all: Black Rock N’ Roll! Killer anthem to bang your head for, nothing more, nothing less than that! Sometimes, the more I enjoy a band – the less I can actually write about it, since every additional word seems to be useless. This is the case here – this band is described well enough in the compilation’s review, so there’s actually not much to add, since you already know what it’s about. There’s no progress here since the compilation, but can you actually blame Sepultura for not progressing in their debut since their demo? You got my point I think. You know what to expect here, just 6 songs of pure BLACK ROCK N’ ROLL, though the (fast sold) Die Hard version has an extra 1 sided pic-7”, featuring another song. The CD version has the tracks from “Slay the Spits” 7” as bonus as well, which are actually covers of “The Spits”’ songs. Some people told me that they actually prefer this band’s music in small doses, so I think that this EP is a must have for all those who like this kind of stuff, which lasts for only 20+ minutes (not including the bonus tracks, which are really shirt anyway).