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Practice practice practice - 80%

VNVNV, March 9th, 2007

Tradition was released in early 1999 as a bonus CD to the excellent video from Michael Angelo entitled “Jam with Angelo”. It features more notes than your mind can handle and will take you away on an entertaining shredfest that is going to be filled with amazement.

“China” starts the album and sets the tone perfectly. “China” is a great instrumental track with a heavy riff that is never boring and filled with complexity, speed and melodies. “The Finish Line” is some kind of jazzy bluesy carnival rock song that turns into this crazy neoclassical shredfest.
"Prog" is a track that starts off with this neoclassical sounding intro and then turns into a groovy melodic classic. “Voices of the Distant Past” is another fantastic progressive rock track that has some parts in it that clearly shows Michael’s appreciation for jazz masters like Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin.

Songs 8-12 are actually the same songs as the first couple of tracks but without the lead guitar. I guess if you are feeling lucky or do not have any shame then you can test yourself against a true master?

Maybe the gift of a great musician is that they can make a song seem effortless and smooth. Michael Angelo is able to pull this off, although he sends notes at you at the speed of light coming from about everywhere on his fretboard, it all seems to blend well together into one epic journey.