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Simply beautiful - 90%

Cup_Of_Tea, March 7th, 2005

Yes... probably the best album among all shredding/instrumental/progressive/whatever albums ever made. It simply combines technique, emotion and some nasty soloing in one.
This is not a thrash metal album, for sure, it's simply innovative, relaxing music from a very good artist.

Michael Angelo has a really good style of playing, he never gets boring or too technical, nor too repetetive. The production is pretty good and all the instruments are equally present in the mix, a thing certain artists simply fail to achieve (Malmsteen, Stump)
The greatest thing of all is probably the emotion that this music is filled with, and it gets there without resorting to wankery or cheese.
The best tracks are: Peace and No Boundries for sure, though the others are not worse in quality either.

A worthy album, indeed made by a master.