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Beethoven on speed - 85%

VNVNV, February 27th, 2007

In case you have not heard (or seen for that matter) Michael Angelo Batio is one of the best guitar shredders on this planet. He is actually the first player to ever play the twin-necked left and right-handed double guitar. He truly is amazing in that he can play the guitar with either hand, as well as play both guitars at the same time.

This album is an instrumental journey through the mind of Michael Angelo through the use of his guitar. Almost all of his songs are neoclassical in nature mixed with some rock and heavy metal, and are very fast and filled with amazing solos. Maybe the hardest part of instrumental albums is to keep your attention during the whole song. Michael Angelo accomplishes this by keeping the audience hooked with ever changing tracks and mind-blowing solos.

Certain songs like “Stop complaining” and “Full Force” have a Steve Vai likeness to them, both in their tone and structure and contain solos which show off Michael’s insane tapping speed. Other songs like “Diary of an empty life” and “Instant Glamour” are more mellowed out and could be described as some sort of neoclassical blues.

If you are a guitar player, fan or just love good instrumental music, then get this album and be prepared to be blown off your socks. Lucid intervals and moments of clarity is a well produced neoclassical shred machine that will ask you the question: “How can a human being play a guitar that well?”.