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Too fast for YOU! - 80%

Wra1th1s, April 29th, 2008

"What the!?" you ask yourself, "this guy gave 80 to a shred album! Didn't he give 45 to another one?" Yes, I did. In my defense, Cacophony actually TRIED to be a metal band (and is, in fact, an actual band.) This guy is clearly not a 'metal band,' thus a different standard for this review.

M.A.B. is often considered the fastest damn shredder in the business. Put on ANY of these tracks and I swear to you that you will quake in your combat boots after hearing his six-stringed prowess. If there ever was a 'Shredinator,' it would be this guy. Listen to the solos (though they may just be a part of the song as much as a riff,) on "Burn" or "Tribute to Randy." He makes John Petrucci or Rusty Cooley look like kids who just picked up a guitar!

Most of the songs here are covers, and they are all fantastic. Even "All Along the Watchtower" and "Dream On," songs that aren't often shredder favorites. The songs he actually writes aren't half-bad either, the title track is somewhere between 'Catchy' and 'How did he do that?' Oh and the covers are played at 'too fast my ass,' Dark Angel salutes you M.A.B.!

The production highlights the guitars, of course. But you can hear the other instruments as well, the drums are solid and the bass too. Mark Tremonti, of Creed 'fame,' plays a solo that's worthwhile in "Burn" I expected something a lot worse for a mallcore guitarist. The worst part of this album is it's claim to fame: It's too damn FAST! You can hardly remember the jawdropping leadwork unless you listen very carefully for the umpteenth time.

Is it worthwhile? For some reason, yes! I listen to this more often than Speed Metal Symphony and I didn't pay a ridiculous price for it (about SG$12.50, that's Singapore dollars by the way.)